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Sep 16, 2018


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Your Friendly, Baseline Explanation of the 12 Houses of Astrology

This Virgo-ruled domain also plays a role in how you answer mundane questions such as: have I fed the pet? Do I need a haircut? What should I wear today? Because those simple concepts allow us to execute our duties and work. As the first house is of the self, the seventh house is of others. Rules by Libra and Venus, it represents the relationship between your psychical body and the outer world or circumstance. It is heavily associated with partnerships of any kind, ranging from lovers to bosses and enemies. Depending on which sign you have in the seventh house , you can find out more about how you connect with people in general and how you relate to the outside world. The primary focus of the eighth house is rebirth and transformation; however, with those things come death, endings, spirituality and gifts or transactions, including sex.

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