Practical Guidelines For Down-to-earth Shoes Shop Methods

Dec 25, 2016

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Use The final question left to answer is, how does the Velocity feel to wear? The shoulder straps and the back of the bag have a fair amount of padding on them. While wearing the Velocity I didnt experience any discomfort. I think it will be comfortable to wear for moderate amounts of time, e.g., walking through the airport, walking to your hotel. Im not sure the Velocity would remain comfortable for an all-day walk like exploring a new city or hiking. This is because there isnt padding covering the entire back of the bag; I can imagine a laptop corner repeatedly poking on my back and becoming painful. Conclusion Despite being a hybrid duffel bag, the Velocity fails miserably as a gym bag. It is just too small to comfortably fit all the necessary items I would bring to the gym. On the other hand, the Velocity does work as a pretty solid overnight bag.

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